Sunday, 24 July 2011

Fury vs Chisora as it happens

1 Easy Fury round.
2 brutal round for Chisora
3 Fury imo good basics but
4 Chisora but no clear leader.
5 fury round. Brawling
6 fury fighting like the champ. Calling Chisora in
7 Chisora head like a Churchill dog fury round
8 farce round don't know in who's favour and it don't matter
9 lots of heads and shoulders being used. Tanks running dry for both now.
10 Chisora round. Showed some hwyl
11 I don't think fury punches that hard or even that well? Crap round fury is think about pulling him out. Corner says throw sink at fury
12  too many pikeys ringside. Fury round.

I say:
8 rounds fury
4 rounds Chisora 

Judges say

117 112

congrats Tyson