Friday, 8 July 2011

Ricky Hatton calls time.

Ricky Hatton yesterday called time on his fighting career after more than a year of inactivity.
I'm choosing to ignore the drugs "incident" and his fondness of all things alcoholic and tasty.

His boxing career can only be described as great, granted he lost to Mayweather and Manny but lets call a spade a spade they are the greatest fighters of a generation and will take a lot to knock them from that high of a pedastool.

His style was very entertaining to watch and brought him many fans as does his everyman persona. He lived and died in the ring like every fighter did back in the day.

one of my favourite videos on Youtube for boxing is the Hatton Vs Mayweather weigh-in and just proves how guts, heart and balls can take you.

Ricky thanks for the memories.